Terms and Conditions



For transfer reservations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico a change fee or late cancellation fee for sedan, SUV, limousine or Van of 15% will be charged to all transfer reservations changed or cancelled eithin the minimum stated time prior to the scheduled pick up time, unless the sum of all charges that would have been incurred for the reservation is less, in which case the lesser amount applies. For hourly reservations for sedans, SUV's. Limousines and Vans, the change fee or late cancellation fee is equal to the base rate time the hourly minimum.


A No-Show fee equal to the hourly minimum or base transfer rate, for the confirmed vehicle, plus airport fee, fuel surcharge, toll(s), and parking if applicable, will apply should the passanger fail to cancel or meet the chauffeur at the designated pick up location for all reservations.


To avoid a change fee, late cancellation fee, or no show fee, the reservation(s) must be change or cancelled in the accordance with the cancellation policy noted in your email confirmation. You may either call 832-544-4439 or cancel the reservation at www.greatviplimo.com 


If you experience difficulty locaing your chauffeur, please call the service provider telephone number lidted on the email confirmation. Leaving the pick-up location without noyifying Great VIP Limo will result in a no show fee.